Page Pebble Refrigerator Magnets

…even more magnets! Leslie and I had girl-time this morning so we crafted some magnets and worked on making pinwheels. The pinwheel isn’t perfect (yet) but here are the magnets.

* completely clear Page Pebbles (these are found in the scrapbooking section of the craft shop)
* cute paper of any type – we used scrapbook paper but images out of magazines or catalogs would work great too
* paper punch of the same diameter as the page pebbles, or pencil and scissors to trace and cut the shape
* 1/2″ magnets
* hot glue, hot glue gun

These are the page pebbles I used – essentially this is the same project as the picture marble magnets I made a couple of years ago, but these page pebbles are lighter, have a uniform size, and are adhesive on the back:
Page Pebbles

We picked out some pretty scrapbook paper, then used a hole punch the same diameter as the page pebbles to cut out circles:
Page Pebbles

The page pebbles were removed from the package, and were placed right on top of the cut-out circles. I hot-glued magnets on the back, and they were ready for the refrigerator!
Page Pebbles

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