Kathryn, Kathryn, Kathryn

This coming weekend is the Folk Life Festival at Black Belt Treasures in Camden, Alabama. They’re going to have carvers, potters, basket makers, quilters, other artists, and Kathryn Tucker Windham there to tell stories (more about it here)! I would do just about anything to be able to go…

One of the other nice things about the festival is that the ferry is operating between Camden and Boykin/Gee’s Bend now, so if you like, you can take it over and visit the quilters (and their shop)!

Seeing that Kathryn Tucker Windham is going to be at the festival got me looking to see if she has released any new books – so I went to Amazon and noticed that she has a set of audio recordings. I don’t think they’re new recordings, but they’re **wonderful** – they’re available here at audible.com which is in some kind of partnership with Amazon. If you go to the link for audible.com, they have several minutes of each recording that can be listened to for free.

I’m downloading them to my iPod and will also burn them on CDs so I can play them in the nursery to the little one! They are all clean and simple stories, spoken by Kathryn, perfect for us to listen to in the rocking chair. Soooo nice.

Oh! And the print that we got at Black Belt Treasures is back from the framer – it looks great (better than in this pic) and is in the same shade mahogany wood as the rest of the furniture in the nursery.

Storytelling, print from Black Belt Treasures

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