Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, Biloxi MS – and (almost) Carnaval de Brasil

The first night of our trip, we stayed in Biloxi at the Imperial Palace Hotel (which also has a casino connected). We didn’t really go into the casino, but it looked okay. The nice thing was that when we checked in, we were upgraded to a mini-suite, so the room had a bedroom, a nice-size bathroom, a jacuzzi, and a sitting room.

This picture below is of the bedroom – it had a large, flat-screen television on the wall across from the bed:
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The pic on the left shows the sitting room, which had a couch, chair and ottoman, desk, and armoire with another television inside. The pic on the right is of the jacuzzi that was between the bedroom and the bathroom:
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One of the restaurants there was a Brazilian steakhouse called “Carnaval de Brasil” – it’s one of those places where the servers bring all kinds of different meats on swords/giant skewers to the table. You let the servers know when to come by according to a little card on the table (if it is flipped one way, they come by; if it is flipped the other, they pass). It’s a little expensive, but it’s also an experience if it’s done the right way.

Several years ago when I was in Las Vegas for a convention, I went with one of my friends (we were there a couple of days before Av could fly out) to rumjungle, which was the same kind of idea, and was also at the hotel we were staying – the Mandalay Bay. It was sooo much fun, and we wanted to take Av back there when he arrived, but somehow we decided to go to the *gorgeous* Shanghai Lilly instead. It was absolutely the best Chinese food any of us had ever had, ever-ever. Sooo nice.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun for us to try the Brazilian steakhouse at the hotel. They don’t have a menu, so you just walk in and automatically get everything they serve. One of the things about this particular restaurant (and several others do it this way too, I think) is that before you even get started, you can visit their gigantic salad bar, which has wheels of cheese and cured meats and is really much expanded over a regular salad bar.

Now that I’m well into my third trimester, there are some days that I just really don’t feel like eating meat – I have days where I only want vegetables or a salad, or seafood/fish, etc., and this was one of those days, so I asked the host before she showed us our table if it was possible for me to just have the salad bar only while Av had the whole menu like everyone else.

She said that I could, but they would have to charge me the child’s rate, which was…

are you ready?…

okay, remember that I’m just going to have the salad bar, which may be the ultimate salad bar, but it’s still a salad bar. I just want some lettuce and cheese and a little chopped egg and some dressing…


Ohmygoodness! I was like, “I don’t want to sound cheap, but I’m not interested in the salad bar that much!”.

It’s really not their fault – they’re obviously not having any trouble charging salad-lovers like me (or parents of children) $30, and for all they know I could have been interested in a little of everything they had up there, but it just came as a big surprise!

Av wasn’t embarrassed at all – he knew I would feel bad about spending $30 for so little. We went up to the room, jumped in our pajamas, watched television and and ordered room service – which was actually really good and I got the perfect salad, too…for about $8. He knows my tastes are ultra-picky right now so he is very understanding. Next time we are in Atlanta, though, I’m going see about us going to their Brazilian steakhouse, Fogo de Chao!

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