Friday Lunch at Galatoire’s

We had a beautiful lunch Friday at Galatoire’s. Av worked all day, but broke in the middle for us to have a special lunch together (I had always heard that Friday lunch was *the* thing to do there). Just look at how lovely the room is:

Interior at Galatoire's, New Orleans LA

I started with the Oysters Rockefeller (very nice) and Av had the gumbo (this was his least favorite gumbo from this trip, though).

Next were our entrees – I had the Crabmeat Sardou (it’s crabmeat in artichoke cups with spinach and hollandaise sauce)

Crabmeat Sardou, Galatoire's, New Orleans LA

and Av had the Poisson Meuniere Amandine. Av loved his fish, and mine was good but not great.

Poisson Meuniere Amandine, Galatoire's, New Orleans LA

Here’s what *was* great, though! I had the banana bread pudding and Av had the chocolate pecan pie. They were both just amazing!

Chocolate Pecan Pie, Galatoire's, New Orleans LA

I guess I was a teensy-bit disappointed by the food (except the desserts) but honestly the atmosphere (I loved that we were dressed-up for lunch as were the majority of the other people) and the service made up for it. The service was what impressed me the most – our waiter was Shelly, and everything came out perfectly. When the meals are served, they make certain that the scripted “G” at the top of the plate is centered exactly, and that the silver is always correct, and they are always checking in to make sure everything is going well.

Galatoire's, New Orleans LA

It was a great way to start the New Orleans portion of our trip!

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