Mother’s Day

Av’s mom and dad came over this morning for Mother’s Day, and we all spent some time together, looking over what’s been done to the house in the last week or so (new interior paint in a few rooms, our new garage doors that look *so* good!) and talking about what’s going to be accomplished in the next two-three weeks (new wood flooring in the kitchen and den, the exterior of the house will be painted, a new deck in the back yard, a new exterior door downstairs, a few other things…). I’m not sure why we waited for my last trimester to come for us to say, “wow, let’s think about doing a bunch of things!”!

We gave his mom a card with a bunch of ultrasound pics inside, and giggled over the one that was taken around 20 weeks – it shows a sweet little foot with the second toe just ever-so-slightly longer than the big toe, just like his/her daddy.

Our nesting instinct has really hit and it’s been all cleaning and organizing, too. One of the nice things from the decluttering is that we have several bags of nice clothes and some household items that we’re donating to one of the women’s shelters tomorrow.

Leslie and I went out last night and had a great time. We had a nice supper, went shopping and tried on every pair of Borns in town, and spent some good girl-time together. We’re sooo excited about how close it’s getting to the little one arriving. It makes me think about how blessed Av and I are with so many friends and family that are just blissful over meeting the sweet little bundle that I know will turn our world upside down in the most beautiful ways. We’re so lucky to have so many people who love him/her so completely already!

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