Gee’s Bend in the Nursery

I’ve been thinking that it would be really nice to have a not-too-big area rug in the nursery, and since we are going with the home-grown artist motif (Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Floyd Shaman, Lonnie Holley, etc) to maybe get a Gee’s Bend rug! I think there are a couple of different ‘scales’ of the rugs that have been licensed – the less expensive line is carried by Shaw Floors, and of those I like this one below. I think it’s Mary Lee Bendolph’s design but I’m not sure – I should look it up in one of my GB books:
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It’s called “Housetop” and this is the version in the poppy red color. At Shaw’s website, they have a “find a retailer” box where I found a few places locally that might carry it so we can see it in person rather than buying it online and hoping the colors won’t clash with what we’ve already bought.

ABC Carpet carries the more upscale (not nursery-friendly!) Gee’s Bend rugs, and they’re on sale right now.

I am *in love* with the blue checkered (which I know would be great if it turns out to be a boy)…but even with it being on sale, it’s still $3800, which is definitely not nursery-friendly…

When Leslie and I went furniture shopping over the weekend, I told her I wanted to find something nice for the den, but also something I wasn’t going to worry over. I don’t want to be the ‘not on mommy’s good furniture’ mommy when it comes to the den. The living room is a different story, but in the den, I figure that’s where we’ll do all our crafting and playing.

I remember going with Nanny to Aunt Helen’s house, and her furniture – this was in the 70s – was covered in see-thru plastic (so you could see it was nice furniture, you just couldn’t spill your tea in it (oh! and she made the best ice tea – she put Tang in it, and would wrap a paper towel around the glass before serving it, which for me as a little girl…I somehow thought that was the classiest way to serve a glass of tea, ever!)). In the summertime when I would be wearing shorts, I remember getting off the couch after we would be sitting there a while, and leaving the top three layers of my leg skin on that plastic-covered couch!

…Anyway…I’m going to see if I can find that rug locally so we can look over the colors, but I think I like the design…what do you think?

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