Crawfish Boil, Slotin Art Auction

We had tickets for last night and tonight to the Schaeffer crawfish boil – we weren’t able to go last night because we had an event to attend (so we gave those away) but we were able to go tonight and it was really good!

The neat thing was that we got VIP tickets so we had access to a raised stage right by the main stage, unlimited crawfish, and some other things.

Crawfish, Crawfish Boil 2007, Birmingham AL Concert Stage (Barenaked Ladies Performing), Crawfish Boil 2007, Birmingham AL

We got to hear Collective Soul and the beginning set of Barenaked Ladies.
It was all really, really good!

At first, I thought we were going to be able to go to Atlanta (actually, Buford GA) this weekend – I really-really wanted to go to the Slotin Folk Art Auction. I meant to mention this earlier…it was set up so that people could not only bid in person, but on eBay, too! We didn’t bid on anything, but I was watching a few things in “My eBay” just because I wanted to see what the final cost was on them. One Thornton Dial piece went for $7900 (est. $4k-7k), a Royal Robertson valentine was $200 (est. $600-800), a Baltimore Glassman piece was $250 (est. $200-400), a B.F. Perkins gourd that I really liked was $200 (est. $200-300), and a fabulous Howard Finster Coke bottle painting was $1700 (est. $800-1200). What surprised me the most was a Sister Gertrude Morgan self-portrait that sold at $12500 (est. 6k-8k)!

Slotin sent me an auction catalog last month so I was loving all the pictures of what was going to be up. Later this year, they will be doing an International Folk Art Sale (date TBA) and in November, they will hold the Fall version of the sale they did today. We’re not really buying anything right now (although I do still want to get a Mose T watermelon for the nursery since the baby’s due in July) but it is *so* fun to look!

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