Walnut Hills, Vicksburg MS

We had lunch at Walnut Hills (1214 Adams St, 601/638-4910) in Vicksburg – it’s one of our favorite places, especially because it’s a revolving table restaurant and we always get to talk and make friends with whoever else is at our table.

This time we got there early and they didn’t have the hot food ready to bring out quite yet, so I started with a couple of bites of pineapple and cheese salad, some tomato aspic, and coleslaw…

Pineapple/Cheese Salad, Tomato Aspic, Coleslaw at Walnut Hills, Vicksburg MS Dinner at Walnut Hills, Vicksburg MS

Then everything else came out – there was fried chicken, plantation chicken, corn pudding, squash, blackeyed peas, sweet potato, green beans, butter beans, creamed potatoes, cornbread and biscuits, and about ten other things (literally) that I can’t even remember!

One other revolving table restaurant in MS is The Dinner Bell in McComb, which is really good. I don’t know of any revolving table restaurants anywhere in Alabama, but food is served family-style at Mrs. Wilkes’ in Savannah and Miss Mary Bobo’s in Lynchburg – neither of which we have been to yet but I would *love* to try!

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