Old South Winery, Natchez MS

Last year, I posted about how much fun it would be to do a Southern version of the movie ‘Sideways’ – just visit different wineries wherever we go. On our way to Natchez, we passed some signs for the “Old South Winery” and decided to go see.

Here’s the outside – looks pretty rustic:
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Inside it’s pretty sparse, but they have a long counter for people to come in and try the different wines – I think they have about twelve different varieties, and they’re all made from muscadines. These are some muscadine vines outside the winery, but I’m thinking they must have a separate farm further outside of Natchez to produce all the grapes it would take to make as much wine as they do:
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I didn’t try any since I’m pregnant, but I love muscadine jelly so I got one jar. Av found two wines to bring home, and so we decided to bring home four bottles (two of each variety he liked) so we’ll have some to share with friends as little presents too:
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It isn’t 1787 Chateau Lafite, but it’s fun to have some local wines in our collection! Of course, what I know about wine could fit in a thimble…I think cold and sweet equals good, so I am really easy to please! Av knows lots more than I do, but nobody even gets close to Av’s brother (who lives in California), who we love to tease as our family ‘wine snob’.

This website has a really good list of wineries from all over the US.

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