Katie Brown’s New Book

Last week, I got Katie Brown’s new book, Outdoor Entertaining: Taking the Party Outside from Amazon. It is so good!

Ah, I like it *so* much – and the best part is that it seems like Katie’s projects are more realistic this time and less…far-fetched than some of the projects in her previous books.

The book has six different chapters – Backyard Reunion, Down by the Sea, Garden Party, Herbal Delight, Here Comes the Sun, and Rustic Woods – and in each of the chapters there are three subsections: Cook (recipes), Nest (projects), and Grow (projects with plants).

There are already some ideas that I want to try – tin planters (where you take tin ceiling tiles and tack them to wood crates to pretty-up), beach reflections (frame sand from different places in frames with spray adhesive – sooo pretty!), and backyard butterflies (plant labels made into shapes like butterflies using something called “rubberize-it”). I’m going to visit Home Depot or Lowe’s this weekend to see if they carry any tin ceiling tiles so I can decorate a couple of long wood planters I have…I went to the website that Katie recommended for the tin squares, and the squares I wanted cost $16 and shipping was going to be more than my order – $25! Ack!

I’ll post these projects as I do them…hopefully at least one of them in the next few days!

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