Home-Grown Nursery

We figured it out. We’re going to decorate the nursery with home-grown (local artist) pieces!

Over the crib, we’re going to put the framed print that we got on our last trip to Black Belt Treasures. It can be seen here. **Love** it.

Then, we’re going to move pieces that we have by Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Chris Clark, Myrtice West, Lonnie Holley, Floyd Shaman and others in to decorate. We’re going to hang the quilt that we bought from Yvonne Wells at Kentuck on the wall, and then on (really high!) shelves we’ll put some folk pottery.

Oh yes! I love that we’ve got this figured out now!

The other day when I was at the Artists Incorporated gallery, I got this hand mirror – it’s by Dale Lewis (who is best-known for his *fantastic* furniture pieces) and is just so fun and different:
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…when it’s turned over, it has this really whimsical little bowtie:
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I plan on keeping it in the nursery and playing with the baby – flipping the mirror – “where’s the pretty baby? there he/she is! now where’s the baby? there he/she is!”. Okay, I am SO getting into this now!

The only really big thing missing is that since the baby is due in July, I need to get a Mose T watermelon! His watermelons were my favorite pieces of his, but I never would get one because, goodness knows, he probably did over a thousand of them. But now, I need one. How can you have a baby due in July and not have a watermelon? Right!?

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