Holiday Inn Biltmore East, Asheville NC

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The last night we were in Georgia, we decided at the last minute to drive north to Asheville to stay overnight – it was going to be too late to drive home, anyway, and it had been two or three years since we had been there. We stayed at the Holiday Inn that’s closest to the Biltmore Estate.

There’s a four-diamond hotel by the Biltmore (called the Inn at Biltmore) but the rooms are pretty expensive and since we were only staying a few hours, we figured we would save the money and stay at the Holiday Inn (it’s ranked the #2 hotel in Asheville on Tripadvisor, anyway).

The other four-diamond hotel in Asheville is the Grove Park Inn…I would love to try it and the Biltmore Inn some day to see which one is really nicer!

The Biltmore has licensed all kinds of products – from furniture to cabinets and wood flooring – called Biltmore for Your Home. About a month ago when I was at a local flooring shop, I saw a really big display for Biltmore flooring, and some of it was about 2x-3x most other things in the shop! Of course, it was really pretty…

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