Happy Passover, and We Got A Goat

The first two days of Passover are over, so I thought I would post a couple of pics of our family seder – below is the table at Av’s parents’ house getting set – we had 20 people for first night and 20 people for second night.

Usually Av and I have everyone over to our home for 2nd night seder, but since I’m pregnant, his parents decided to save me the stress and they had both seders at their home this year…so nice! Even though we will have an eight-month-old by the time next Passover comes around, I’m hoping that we’ll do second night at our house next year (G-d willing). Av likes to come up with games and jokes and all kinds of things to make second night more…interactive and playful…since first night is always done in a traditional style.

Passover Seder Table Set

Passover is about telling, remembering, and learning lessons about our oppression and then freedom from slavery in Egypt. This year, Av and I made an intention to *act* on the lesson. We decided to go through an organization called Heifer International, whose approach is to “bring an end to world hunger through unimaginable blessings” – that is, people like me and you purchase animals – anything from a pig to a flock of chicks to a water buffalo – that Heifer provides to a family somewhere in the world that helps them survive and thrive.

This year, we chose to purchase a goat. I didn’t know this, but the information that Heifer gives says that goat milk provides more protein for children around the world than any other source. The family that receives our goat will be able to drink the milk produced, plus they will be able to make products like butter, yogurt, or cheese which they can sell.

Part of Heifer’s agreement with the people that they help includes the provision that “recipients pass one one or more of their animal’s offspring, training and skills to another family in need. The new recipients agree to pass on the gift as well, creating a chain of giving that can touch thousands of lives.” It’s kind-of like the story of Passover…in that the lessons continue for generations.

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