Hampton Inn and Suites (Coliseum Location), Jackson MS

This week, we spent some time in Jackson so we stayed at the Hampton Inn that’s closest to downtown. We’ve stayed here several times in the past, and this time we decided to use some of our Hilton Honors points since it was just 7500 points/night. Here’s a pic of our room:

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It was just fine.

This Hampton is next door to Dennery’s, which is an older-line Greek restaurant that we like – especially for their fish dishes. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, although it does have a very Greek-inspired exterior. The very best part is the interior, where the tables are arranged around an Aphrodite statuary fountain.

If you’re familiar with comeback sauce (which is like a garlicy french dressing…or a super-smooth cousin to remoulade…it’s very similar to John’s slaw dressing that’s served in B’ham’s Greek restaurants), the owner of Dennery’s is recognized as the originator of it according to the C-L. There’s a recipe for comeback sauce at the bottom of that article, too.

We decided to try something different for supper the first night, though, and so we made a reservation at Walker’s in the Fondren District of Jackson…that’s the next post…

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