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Posh Tots is one company that I have been looking at a lot for our nursery furniture, so one day this past week I just typed in “Posh Tots” in eBay to see if anything that had been bought from them would appear – and did it ever – just look at this nursery!

Parts of it can also be seen at the Posh Tots website here. It is *so* beautiful – it’s all custom made and ships 10 weeks after the company gets the order.

Well, sure enough, I was the high bidder…but the auction didn’t meet the seller’s reserve (don’t know what amount that was), and after emailing the seller I’m beginning to think that they’ve either changed their mind about selling it or just aren’t interested in negotiating (which is okay either way). I let them know that after Tuesday I’m going to go ahead and put the other furniture I have picked out on order, so we’ll know soon…

The really nice part about all this is that Av’s mom and dad want to buy the nursery furniture so all we have to do is pick it out! How great is that!?

I love the set from Posh Tots that’s on eBay, but there is another set we found that is more the style we were thinking of originally (it’s also pictured at Posh Tots here):
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What do you think?!

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