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Av and I went to Tennessee this weekend…lots of really great places. This weekend was a *no work* weekend – just get out in the car, open the sunroof, and find fun things to do.

Today, we got on the Natchez Trace – it’s my favorite place for us to just take off and drive. We’ve driven the part of it from Jackson to Natchez several times…there was one time we drove it at dusk and counted something like fifteen deer and only eleven cars. Obviously daybreak and dusk aren’t the safest times to drive because there are so many deer around and those are the most active parts of the day for them, but somehow that’s how we wound up one time. On this trip, we started at the beginning of the Trace, just a little way southwest of Nashville, actually right at where the Loveless Cafe is located.

We were going to drive the Trace to Florence, then decide which way to take home. Before we had that figured out, we stopped at the Jackson Falls parking area and saw this:
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A few miles further down, we stopped at “Falls Hollow”. We saw some kittens in the middle of the parking area munching on some crackers. Av and I both knew what was going on…these kittens had just been dropped off here in the middle of nowhere.

You know how sometimes things just work out? In the trunk of the Volvo, we had a big red plastic cooler and a bag of Meow Mix that Av had forgotten to bring inside the last time we went to the grocery store (he *never-ever* forgets and knows how much I love having an empty, pristine trunk (I know…I am just crazy that way)). Anyway, it worked out SO well, because here we had something to put the kittens in and something to feed them!!

The top picture here is one of the kittens snacking on crackers. The pic just below it is when I went back to the car with the first kitten and Av was trying to entice one of the others to come with us, with a handful of Meow Mix. They were really skittish, so what we wound up doing with the only kitty that we could actually get our hands around was waiting for him to take a little bit of food from the ground and then grabbing him from behind.
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You know that joke about herding cats? Well, we herded cats for about an hour today. Lots of fun!!

We were only able to get one of the kittens – the others were just SO scared and their little nest was toward the edge of a large dropoff so it was too dangerous for either of us to get down there…since I am six months along now I don’t exactly have the balance of a ballerina! After an hour of cajoling, devising all kinds of crazy plots, etc. we were happy just to have the one kitten. Av called the phone number for the Trace and told a park officer that we were able to get one kitten but there were two left, and that we left lots of food for them, but they needed to see about getting animal rescue there to help the others. The park officer said, “oh no – it’s that time of year again!” so it’s a little sad that people actually do this. Argh! On the other hand, I know that either the animal rescue people or people just like us will figure out how to get those two others.

In the meantime, here is the little sweetie we brought home today:
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Above is a picture of him or her (??) in the cooler. I put it in the back seat of the car and tented the lid so it would have plenty of fresh air. We drove straight to Columbia, TN to a Wal-Mart and got the little sweetie a real carrier and some other kitty supplies.

…and here he/she is now that we’re home! I’m afraid to introduce this kitten to Tchotchke, since I’m not sure how long it’s been in the wild and I’m certain that its previous owner hasn’t given it any shots. Right now sweet kitty is downstairs in a big dog kennel that we have. Tomorrow we’re going to take it to the vet and get him/her all checked out!

Such a cutie!!
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