The Carriage House at Stanton Hall, Natchez MS, and Tea Rooms

On our way back from Louisiana, we stopped for a little while in Natchez, and had lunch at the Carriage House restaurant at Stanton Hall (Stanton Hall is a huge antebellum home). This picture below is of just the building with the restaurant:
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They were really busy because Natchez is having their Spring Pilgrimage right now, but we didn’t have to wait long to be seated.

Av is a connoisseur of the mint julep – he has julep cups in the bar at home and likes to see how other people make juleps. This one came in a large glass with a marachino cherry on top:
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Oh! See those tiny little biscuits in the picture above? Those were good.

I had the “Queens’ Salad” which was chicken salad, potato salad, and tomato aspic. I love any place that makes a nice tomato aspic because it’s so old-fashioned and hardly anyone serves it anymore…
Av had the fried chicken with rice & gravy and green beans:
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Everything was really nice.

We’re thinking about making plans to go back in the next week or so to see the Historic Natchez Pageant (it’s the musical where everyone’s dressed in period costumes) and Songs of the South. There are *so* many beautiful B&Bs there, the only trouble would be picking which one to stay at!

On Tuesday, I had lunch with four wonderful friends at The Chocolate Biscuit Tea Room in Trussville, AL. It was really nice to get to spend the afternoon just chatting away!

Oh! Out of the blue they gave me a gift basket! It is a WS ceramic cake mold (that can even be hung on the wall for display since it’s *so* pretty!) , a box of Bundt cake mix, and a silicone spoon that is in this gorgeous Spring green color. It’s close to Passover so I decided to make and enjoy the Bundt cake now…I made it tonight, and it turned out so good and so pretty! I can’t wait to slice it up and share it!
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Going to the tea room got me wondering what others are close by. There’s a wonderful website called “Tea Map” that lists tearooms by state and has a feature where people can rate their experience at each place. Some of them seem *so* nice!

There’s one on Chartres in New Orleans that’s a bit more than a tea room (read the full review) too…

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