Pi Day

Today is Pi Day – it’s 3.14 on the calendar, which someone decided would be perfect to celebrate π.

I love any kind of holiday, so when I found it last year on Wikipedia (you can type dates into Wikipedia and it will show holidays from all over the world that are being celebrated), I decided to do what other people do that day…make a pie (great excuse, right!?).

Last year, I made Pawley’s Island Pie – it’s one of Av’s favorites:

Pawleys Island Pie for Pi Day!

I’m not sure what I’ll make later today – there’s always lots of good inspiration on the ‘Pie Club’ Flickr group I’m in, though!

Marie: my MIL says that she got that plate from The Wireless Catalog – what a weird catalog!! – but I just looked and I don’t see it…you might want to give them a call (800.669.5225) and see if they still carry it – it’s their item # VC4603.

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