I am sooo excited! One of my pics is on the cover of a cd!

This is *huge* for me because…well…I got paid real money (not a fortune, but it was pretty good!) and…it’s on a cd for goodness sakes! The cd is called Juke Joint Soul and it’s released by Fuel Records in Los Angeles.

Last year, I posted about how I was approached by the firm that handles marketing for Mastercard and signed a contract for them to use my pic of a poboy from Acme Oyster House. I kept looking for it (it was going to be on priceless.com in a Peyton Manning ad because that’s one of his favorite foods) but I emailed the person at the agency after a couple of months, and they wrote me back that “(they) used an image of oysters and Peyton did an interview for us.” Oh well!

Just this week, I got two requests for different pics – one is of an anti-immigration rally that I took a pic of (from the car – I just rolled down the window as we were going by and shot some pics!) when there was a rally in Cullman last year. We were driving to Huntsville or somewhere and decided to go through the middle of town, and there were all these people on the courthouse steps holding signs and waving, etc. That pic is here. It’s going to be in an upcoming edition of the Harvard College Economics Review.

The other pic – either this one or this one that I took in Montreal in the summer of 2005 – that’s going to be published is to go in a book called Food by editor John Knechtel. This is how Amazon describes the contents:

“In Food, an artist photographs everything he ate in 2006 (and some things he didn’t eat, including “Food I Left in the Fridge Too Long”) and finds the results both “seductive and repulsive”; a writer describes the global agro-assembly line that produces an organic bento box for Japanese commuters containing rice and vegetables from California, pork from Mexico, and salmon from Alaska; a short story writer offers an eight-page graphic novel, Eating in Cafeterias; a landscape architect compares a commercial orange with an organic apple using visualized data; an award-winning New York City food writer tells a postmodern tale about small-town Chinese-American cuisine (featuring chop suey, egg rolls, and flaming lava cocktails); an expert explains the principles of urban food sustainability. Other projects include a map of the free food from fruit trees on public land in a Los Angeles neighborhood, a visionary plan for farms in skyscrapers, and a surprising report on food security. The essays, artwork, and stories in Food offer readers a full menu of intellectual nourishment and aesthetic delight.”

My pic will be used in the section about (this is the way the author described it to me):

“the full energy equation (a.k.a. carbon footprint) required to produce and truck an plantation orange from California to Toronto, as compared to producing an organic apple in Colborne Ontario and delivering it to the Toronto market place. The piece opens with a photo of the Montreal Orange and a photo of the Colborne Big Apple.”

I can’t wait to see these once they’re printed! I would have never had the opportunity to do this if I hadn’t put my pics on Flickr. Soooo glad I did!

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