Valentine’s Day Decorations

I got our Valentine’s Day decorations up *just in time* for tomorrow! Whew!!
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See the red & checked boxes on each side of the mantle? Av and I get those sweet little valentines that schoolchildren use (he is using SpongeBob this year and I am going with Hello Kitty (as usual!)) and we put little corny sayings on them and put them in each others’ boxes. I love this because it reminds me of elementary school and all the excitement of giving and receiving the little cards. Soooo sweet.

I’m going to be looking forward all day tomorrow to getting home and reading all the little kiddy cards Av has stuffed in my box. He is super-good at putting funny little sayings on them, so there is no telling what he has come up with this year.

Tomorrow I’m going to post about something I am just THE most in love with, too. **Perfect** for Valentine’s Day!

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