The Club, Main Dining Room, Birmingham AL

Yesterday I posted about the newer dining room at The Club, so I figured I would go ahead and show some pictures from the original part of the building – especially because this part of it is supposed to undergo a renovation in the next few months. To me…well, I love it just as it is because it is **retro perfection**.

Really – retro perfection. Out-of-date in all the very best ways.

The View (that post is permalinked here), is contemporary and sleek – but this other side – the original side – just has……mmmm……..personality.

It’s older couples in evening wear (on crowded Friday and Saturday nights, the older women especially wear beautiful sequined and rhinestoned gowns). There’s ballroom dancing – I love it when couples who have obviously had lessons get out there and really show off. Honestly, I’m not wild about the food in the main dining room – The View is much, much better – but Av and I go anyway just to watch the dancing!

This room, below, is called the “gold room” – there’s a nice lady there that plays the piano, and people congregate there before supper to have cocktails.
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See in the pic above, the cage in the back right part of the room? Inside is a white bird:
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In the walkway between the gold room and the main bar are a couple of old-style phone booths. I am *in love* with the door hardware – a silver phone handset:
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This is *such* a pretty lit wall – it’s behind the bar:

…and this is the dance floor in the main dining room. It inspired John Badham (who is from B’ham) to include a lit dance floor in the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’! How neat is that!?
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In the foyer, there’s a John Badham-signed movie poster that shows John Travolta dancing on the lit floor in SNF.

Here’s another pic that I took a couple of months ago when we had supper there. In this picture the band is in a break and there’s noone on the dance floor so you can see it really well. I love it!
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