Angelo Brocato’s

Before we left for home, we stopped at Angelo Brocato’s – they just re-opened back in September or October, I think. There’s a little brass plate just above the door handle that shows how much water they got with the hurricane.

Isn’t their sign great?!
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We had a bite each of these – on the left is a ‘Greek cap’ and on the right, a Florentine:
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…and we shared this small cup of St. Joseph Almond – yum!!
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We made our usual trip to Dorignac’s to get some things we can’t at home – Blue Runner red beans, Community tea, creole cream cheese, Sal and Judy’s sauces, some Hubig’s pies, Zapp’s chips in tabasco flavor, and a bunch of other things. We got a quart of Angelo Brocato’s ice cream in pistachio flavor, too…

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