Organizing with Scrabble Tiles

Av has been organizing the room downstairs where my crafting area is – so I decided to do my own bit of organizing and better label the bins that I keep my projects in.

Right now, most of my things are kept either in an organizer with drawers, or in plastic bins in a closet. Althought the clear plastic bins were a good idea at first, I found that when they were all loaded in the closet, sometimes it wasn’t as easy to see since it can get a little dark in there.

At first I thought about using a P-Touch machine – Martha Stewart features hers a lot in the magazine and on her daytime show to label – but I decided that rather than making something really uniform, I would embellish the bins just a little bit and use Scrabble letters to better identify the contents.

Here’s a bin full of wool roving that I use for felting projects:

I got out a bag of Scrabble letters (you can buy *just the letters* at the Hasbro parts replacement website here for $6.50/bag of 100) and sorted to make the word I needed:

Rather than just gluing the tiles onto the bin, I took some scrapbook paper and put Mod-Podge on the back with a little cheapy black sponge brush:

Here’s how that turned out – soooo much happier and more colorful:

I lined up the tiles to make my word, and started gluing with a hot glue gun in the middle of the paper with the middle letters (to make sure I didn’t get it too crooked):

All done!

Here’s one for some ribbon:

…and another for metal embossing supplies:

I’m really happy with the way these turned out – now I’ve got *lots* more to do!

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