Magnolia Pearl

I’ve posted before about Magnolia Pearl – it’s Robin Brown’s shop of her bags and clothes that…well…you just have to see. These are “I’m queen of the world” clothes, not “going to the store” clothes. Soooo feminine and frilly and luxe.

She’s featured in the January issue of Country Living in an article about tea staining, which I’ve been interested in trying for a while now. What I’d like to do is find some lovely but quite-used white linens at an antique shop or estate sale and try it. Something I haven’t seen before is that the article in CL says that if you want a really dark stain, to soak the fabric in water that has a capful of fabric softener added to it before doing the tea process. Hmmm…

I keep going back to the Magnolia Pearl website to see how Robin decorates her home. Ohmystars. Yes. Love it.

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