Lunch and Supper in Decatur, AL

When Av and I were driving around downtown Decatur, we saw this sign for a place called “C.F. Penn Hamburgers” on East Moulton Street downtown. They’ve been around since 1927, and it looked really *really* old-school from the outside too – so we decided to go in and try it out:

I haven’t had one in Corinth MS, but I think they serve the same kind of hamburger that people there in Corinth call “slug burgers” (and not in a derogatory way…it’s because the burgers were sold originally for a nickel, which was also called a slug). Either way, it’s a hamburger that has bread mixed in with the hamburger meat to make the meat go further – a holdover from the Depression years.

Av ordered one of their hamburgers, which I had a bite of (I wasn’t very hungry at the time). It tasted different from a ‘regular’ hamburger, but not in a bad way. They’re super-similar to what we always called ‘bread burgers’ from the Busy Bee in Cullman. People seem to have strong opinions one way or the other about those – either love or hate them!

Here’s the grill and prep area: if you order a hamburger “all the way” they add onions and mustard to it. That’s it! We sat at the counter so we could chat with everyone and watch them cook all the orders. Everybody was super-nice and friendly.

For supper, we went to Big Bob Gibson’s, which Av and I both think has the best barbecue in all of Alabama (and is the birthplace of white barbecue sauce) – and it was *wonderful* like always. Yum!
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