Le Creuset

Suzanne got me as a present this *fabulous* Le Creuset dutch oven, which I love – I can’t wait to start looking through my cookbooks to see what to make in it first!

I am so happy to add this to my other Le Creuset pieces – I have the Tagine (I bought it a few years ago just because I loved its shape) which I make my Country Captain Chicken in…my wok that I use for stir-frying and my green curry chicken…and the grill pan that Av uses to cook the meat for his jambalaya. Le Creuset is pretty expensive, but with the tagine I got lucky and found it at the Le Creuset outlet shop in Foley for something like 40 or 50 percent off!

Thanks Suzanne – I’ll make you an extra-special supper using this now!

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