Fleece Projects

I have a folder of pages I cut out of magazines – actually, more like four folders. One is for recipes, one is for decorating ideas, one is about places to visit when traveling, and one is for projects to make.

I was looking through my projects folder early this morning, and came across a really neat fleece blanket that was featured in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion a few years ago. They mention that the fleece to make the blanket is in a kit that can be bought through Malden Mills (Malden Mills is the factory that caught fire in 1995, and the owner – Aaron Feuerstein – continued to pay the employees during the time that the factory was down until it was rebuilt and the jobs were back…it was on the news alot about what he was doing…what a wonderful man!).

I went to their website to see if they still had the kit (didn’t see it, so maybe I’ll just buy the colors by yardage), and I found what they call “AF Studios“. It’s a neat little site with projects in kits so people can easily get the materials and notions if they like all at one time for things like jackets, hoodies, scarves, blankets, and even a teddy bear! I did get the kit for the teddy bear – I’ll post pictures later when it comes in and I try to make it!

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