Domino Magnets and Thumbtacks

I love making magnets and thumbtacks from different things – my two favorite are to make picture marble magnets and bottlecaps – so this weekend I thought I would try something new and make some using dominoes.

I got this set of 28 dominoes:

They’re really pretty:

To make the magnets, I just needed disc magnets and a hot glue gun. I made sure to test which side of the magnet ‘sticks’ to metal, then put a dot of hot glue on the other side and placed it in the middle of the back of the domino. The glue is set in just a few seconds:

Once that was done, I got out my big quilter’s thumbtacks that I buy from fabric shops. Quilter’s tacks have a bigger top and a longer pin than regular ones, I think – so that’s what I like to use. I just picked up a thumbtack, placed a dab of hot glue on the cap, then pressed it onto the back of the domino:

I like the way they turned out!:

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