Our camellia is starting to bloom – I think it’s blooming a few weeks earlier than last year, but I’m not completely sure…it’s been so nice around here lately. My paperwhites in the front yard started blooming over three weeks ago, and I’m sure that’s early!

Here’s the camellia – there are *lots* of buds so we should have several weeks more of it flowering:

I’ve got more paperwhites that I’m forcing indoors:

Av cut an article out of the paper for me that says that when you force paperwhites, you can replace the water with a 1-part liquor (80 proof) to 7-parts water when the roots begin to show and the stem is a couple of inches long. The alcohol stunts the growth by 1/3-1/2 which makes the paperwhites less likely to fall over when they start blooming.

How did anybody ever think of that? I may have to get some inexpensive gin and try it on the next set of bulbs I force…

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