Sunday Dinner at Monell’s, Nashville TN

For Sunday dinner, we went to Monell’s (1235 6th Ave N), which is in the Germantown section of Nashville.

It’s a lovely place where you sit at a communal table set for twelve. Like at the round table restaurants we like in Mississippi, everyone passes what’s served to the table – I think it was three meat dishes and half a dozen vegetables, plus bread and dessert.

While we were waiting for a table, and once during dinner, a nice lady came by with her guitar and her dulcimer and played music for us.

Dinner was delicious – Av liked the fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and while I wasn’t much in the mood for meat, I really enjoyed the green beans, corn pudding (especially!), and pasta salad. We both liked their biscuits, too. The best part, though, was that we made new friends with other people at the table! To my left was a nice couple from Indiana, and to Av’s right was a gentleman from the Shoals and we talked & talked & talked about people we knew there and what was fun to do, etc.

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