SpringHill Suites, Nashville TN

Av and I went to Nashville for a few days. Our favorite hotel there, The Hermitage, and the Opryland Hotel, were both booked the first night we were going to be in town, so we decided to stay at SpringHill Suites. We’ve never stayed at a SpringHill Suites (it’s owned by Marriott) but this particular hotel (the airport SHS) is listed as #1 by Tripadvisor.com for Nashville!

We weren’t sure if it was going to be Marriott’s version of Embassy Suites, and it’s not really. Even though it’s listed as a “suites” hotel, there isn’t a door (or even full walls) separating the living and sleeping areas of the room. The really strange thing about it is that the room was laid out a bit oddly, and Av and I thought that maybe it really wasn’t that much bigger than the average hotel room at all. It was fine, though – and nice to try something new.

This is the living area:

The desk/microwave/refrigerator area:

The sleeping area:

Our stay was okay, but for next time I think we would try something different instead.

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