Raw Arts Festival 2007, and Joe Moorman

I saw a press release for the Raw Arts Festival 2007, which is going to be held in New York. The last three years it has been in either Spain or England, and the promoters are holding it up as an alternative to the annual “Outsider Art Week” which is put on by the American Folk Art Museum there.

The list of featured artists for the Raw Arts Festival includes someone from Mississippi – Joe Moorman. Joe grew up in the Mississippi Delta just outside Greenville, and he has this wonderful insight of not only growing up there, but also of growing up LDS (there’s a section on his website of artwork drawn from that experience here). My favorite piece of his has to be this one of him flying with a catfish under his arm, right back to Mississippi.

I have really vivid dreams too, but I would be so tickled with myself if I dreamed of flying with a catfish!

I looked on his site to see where his art is available, and it was only in October of this year that he decided to start selling. He writes:

“Like most artists, my preference would be to give away my paintings to whoever appreciated them the most. However, I am seeking representation by a reputable gallery so that I can work less and paint more, and thus I must charge a minimum price that is in line with the professional marketplace.

Any offer of $1000 or more will be accepted for most artwork provided the piece in question isn’t one that my wife and I have decided to keep. Please keep in mind that the process of selling art is extremely stressful for artists who are making art primarily for personal reasons and not the marketplace.”


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