Pretty Pensacola

This is the “Dome of a Home” at Pensacola Beach. The home’s shape helps it deflect a lot of the damage from incoming storms – there’s a lot more about it at their website, here. Oh! And you can rent it for vacations, too!

Super-bright colors on this beach house:

This is the Spaceship home on the beach, which is a Futuro house – there’s more about Futuros here here here and here. This is how it looked originally.

Back in Pensacola, this is Christ Church (their website shows how pretty it is on the inside, too):

This is St. Michael’s – I love the color of the copper roof!

This is the courthouse:

…and another dome home, under construction near Navy Blvd:

One of the last things we did before leaving for home was to go by Joe Patti’s for some fish – and outside, we got to see these three pelicans swimming around!:

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