Pics from All Over Opryland Hotel

Av and I went walking each day and I took *lots* of pics from all over the hotel:

This is the Italian restaurant – we had supper there one night – it was okay. We also ate at the Irish restaurant, but for the most part we called and had the valet deliver the car so we could try some new places around Nashville! One of the things about staying at this hotel, though, is that it is just *so easy* to stay here and not leave once during the stay. They pretty much have everything here…even a sushi bar…

This is in the convention area:

In the convention area was “Treasures for the Holidays” craft show. The sign to the show read, “this enthralling craft show features a variety of hand-made and novelty gifts, ranging from candles and jewelry to clothing, artwork, and food. A huge selection of vendors from the US and Ukraine will be exhibiting this year….” Sounded nice. It was $5/ea to get in. That show was so…bad…very bad… We didn’t see any artisans – just mostly people selling (cheap-looking) stuff they got out of a catalog or something. Soooo disappointed. Oh well – maybe for next year the hotel will take a different view of that and make it more like a gallery of artists, where they sell items of local artisans on commission, with a selection of local arts in all different prices that people who visit the hotel can take home and enjoy. What they had this year wasn’t really, I thought, a good reflection on the hotel.

There were lots of other things that the hotel had going on that we considered…the Rockettes have a show they do at the Grand Ole Opry building, there’s something called “Ice” where they took 1.5 million pounds of ice and carved all kinds of things out of it, and Pam Tillis does a supper concert. We passed on all those (probably the Rockettes and Ice are better for families with children, and we’re not big Pam Tillis fans) and instead spent our time relaxing around the hotel or shopping and playing in Nashville.

I think this was in the Delta area:

This is a tree made of poinsettias:

This is in the Delta, where they have a little guided boat that people can get in and tour that section of the hotel!

I really liked this stained glass skylight in the reception area, with the pretty magnolias:

This little bird was so friendly! He landed on our balcony railing while we were sitting there one morning and was so happy to have company! He stayed for a long time. Av tried to get him to perch on his finger, and got really close, but the bird wasn’t too interested in that. He visited us and some of the other people on their balconies. So sweet!

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