Opryland Hotel, Nashville TN

We stayed a few days at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville – this is probably our third or fourth time to stay there. Av booked us a room with a balcony, because he knows how much I like to practically live out there!

Here are some pics of our room:

…and here are some pics of the view from our balcony. We were on the 4th floor, which I think is perfect – it’s one floor above the walkway and high enough so that you can see *everything*. Our room was in the Garden Conservatory, which to me is the prettiest section, especially for December, when all the lights are up.

Our room was right above this beautiful waterfall. Even when we weren’t outside sitting on the balcony, I liked leaving the french doors open a little so we could hear the water:

This whole section of the hotel is covered by a giant skylight. It’s really pretty during the day…

…but even prettier at night! These next two pictures show our view when the sun went down each evening:

Our stay was *fabulous* – I’ll post pictures of the rest of the hotel tomorrow – sooo pretty!

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