About two years ago, one of our neighbors that lives about two or three blocks from us had their home featured in Southern Living. One of the pictures showed their dining room chairs (or maybe it was the chairs from their breakfast set, I don’t remember for sure) that were just soooo beautiful – the chairs were really summer-y and decorated, and at the top of each post on the back were tiny little flowerpots.

I wondered where on earth they found – or what artist they knew to make – those chairs! …I should have just gone over there and introduced myself and told them I liked their taste in furniture!

A little while after that, I saw a table in a shop and I just *knew* it was the same maker as those chairs. The company is called Mackenzie-Childs, and they design some of the most beautiful things – from chandeliers to furniture to serving pieces. Some of it is not for me (like these fish chairs), but other pieces I would love to have.

Oh! They also have an auction on their site for design prototypes…I love peeking at what they’re working on!

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