One of the places we went shopping in Nashville was Hatch Show Print (there’s the HSP downtown, and the Country Music Hall of Fame Shop sells lots of their things, too):

We spent a good amount of time inside – there’s lots to look at. The CMHF has some of their prints for sale online, too.

I liked Hatch, but my very favorite two are still Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr’s Kennedy Prints! in Akron, Alabama, and Yee Haw Industries (update: they’re now closed) in Knoxville, Tennessee. Both Kennedy and Yee Haw exhibit each year at Kentuck. We got this set from Yee Haw two or three years ago:

One thing I got from Yee Haw this year is this illustration of a PawPaw tree branch:

…and this year’s Chanukah cards!

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