Homemade Painted Plates

Leslie and I had another “craft day” and one of the many things we made was a project that used the same Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints that I had used before when decorating some bowls (that project page is here, which also includes a series of emails about the food-safety of using these paints) to decorate some glass plates I bought to play around with.

Pebeo Porcelaine paints can be found at Dick Blick (their catalog is great), and I got mine at the local Michael’s shop.

This is the plate Leslie made:

…and this is the plate I made:

I’m going to keep mine in my craft area – the paint is completely set (even safe to go in the dishwasher) after 35 minutes in a 300* oven. I think they came out really nice!

Another idea I had was to take some more of the clear glass plates and paint in reverse, on the bottom side of the plate. This way, there’s no paint at all on the top of the plate where food would be, which would be *completely* safe to serve on…I might try that this week or next.

Oh! And I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had a really wonderful holiday!

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