Hilton Garden Inn, Pensacola Beach FL

Once we left New Orleans and Bay St. Louis, we headed over to Pensacola for a day, and stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn on the beach. This is our room:

The people at the desk put us on the far right side of the hotel so we wouldn’t look straight out at the new construction they’re doing – it’s this new tower of condos:

Thankfully, our view was of the beach! One thing I did notice this time, though, is that the Hampton Inn next door also has balconies like our room, and the whole hotel is closer to the water, too. It was closed for a while after Ivan, but it’s been open now for a while and is actually ranked higher on Tripadvisor than the Hilton Garden Inn that we stayed at. Hmmm…

We had a nice lunch at McGuire’s, which is my favorite place there, and then supper at Flounder’s, which is owned by the same people. It was really-really good, too! We were going to play putt-putt, but the place was closed – I think because it had been raining – so we just spent our time enjoying the beach!

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