Belle Meade Cafeteria, Nashville TN

One of the days we were in Nashville, we took the advice of DixieDining and Chowhound (and lots of others) and had lunch at the Belle Meade Cafeteria (update: now closed).

Nashville is supposed to be really big in meat-and-threes, so we thought we would give the Belle Meade Cafeteria a try (you can’t live in our part of the South without loving meat-and-threes!). The Belle Meade has been in business since 1961. It’s the usual cafeteria setup, where you walk through a corridor, get a tray and roll of silverware, then go through the line, letting the servers know what you’d like. At the end of the line, a gentleman will ask what you’d like to drink, and will carry your tray to whichever table you’d like to sit at. There are two main dining rooms, and this is the one we had lunch:

Av had: salad, fish and salmon cakes, fries, dressing, a roll, and chocolate pie:

I had: grilled chicken livers with onions, dressing, greens, toast, and egg custard pie:

They serve a *lot* of food and I don’t think I even ate 25% of what was served (Av too)! Everything was really, really good – especially the dressing and liver!. The pies were a little disappointing, but we would definitely go back and just skip the dessert!

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