A Face Jug!

One of my very dear friends shared one of her super-special face jugs with me for my birthday! This is a Jerry Brown face jug, and it’s a commissioned, one-of-a-kind!

Have you ever noticed that face jugs are always men (or devils…or…)? Well, this one’s a sweet girlie! See all those pretty eyelashes? I know – face jugs are never…pretty – but I am just soooo taken with her!

I’ve always loved face jugs, because they’re a bit of a mystery – were they made to scare off children (because of the ugly face) so they would keep out of whatever kind of poison (or liquor) was inside? There are many different ideas about why they were made here in the US…and of course anthromorphic pottery has been made for centuries around the world for probably a million different reasons.

When I visited the Alabama Folk Pottery exhibit at the BMA, it was the first time I had gotten to see a piece of John Lehman pottery (who lived in Randolph County, Alabama). His works are amazing – and there’s an article here that shows a face jug he made – and that it sold at auction in 2002 for $80,500!!

I am just so enamored with this girlie face jug – and that it is a Jerry Brown (who I love!) face jug! So special!

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