Tord at Target

I had to run into Target for a minute the other day, and saw these beautiful lace paper cutouts (which I think are really Tyvek) and knew right away that Target had collaborated with Tord Boontje (who I love for his blossom chandelier and garland lights, like at Moss) for the holidays.

When I got home, I looked it up, and Tord actually did a whole line, called “Studio Tord Boontje for Target”. On his website, he says:

We are pleased to announce this collaboration with Target for Christmas 2006, our largest scale project to date.

The collaboration includes 35 products including tableware, party decorations, consumables and Christmas decorations, all as Studio Tord Boontje for Target.

Further we have designed the Christmas store environment for all 1,500 stores, packaging design and art-direction for all communication, including catalogues and 5 TV commercials.

Products will be available from 2 November until just after New Year in all Target stores.
Limited time only.

On the Target website, they only show tableware, but they must be continuing to introduce more of the line, because Tord’s website shows (and mentions) not only the tableware but the decorations, etc…including a beautiful white garland, which I am definitely going to get for my Christmas-celebrating friends!

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