Project Alabama?

I’m not sure what, why, or really exactly when, but Project Alabama has closed. I got an email today that Natalie Chanin, PA’s founder, is starting something new called Alabama Chanin. The email describes the new project as:
“limited edition clothing and jewelry, February 2007 – NYC…a book featuring projects, sewing tips and tales from the stitching front…a line of home furnishings and textiles.”

The old PA website isn’t really working (just a front page now) and doing a quick search, the only mention I found was in Atlanta’s Creative Loafing, saying in an article dated 11.01.06 “…such as the ones made by Project Alabama (which closed shop just before the show’s opening).”

I wish Natalie the best of luck…and hope the seamstresses that worked on PA are doing well or can retain their jobs with her somehow if they like. What Natalie did with PA – showing at NY Fashion Week and extolling the virtues of domestic (Alabama) hand-sewing everywhere – was so good…for everybody. Hopefully Alabama Chanin will be something even more exciting and successful!

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