Front Page Black Belt Treasures, and the Rural Heritage Center too

This is a pic from my visit to Black Belt Treasures in March of this year – today, they were on the front cover of the Bham News in a really nice article about how they’re doing, and how they’re trying to get more people to visit their website (because…I guess for one thing, it’s lovely to drive out to Camden to shop, but on the other hand, it’s a bit far out for a lot of people).

One of the things that really surprised me was that the article mentioned that it made $177,000 in its first year and paid $138,000 of that back to its artists. Most of the time, galleries have a 50/50 or 40/60 share with their artists, but by those figures, Black Belt Treasures is giving their artists a 78% share of the selling cost of their items!

I am still loving what we got there, including a wisteria piece that I’m using as a place for books – and they have more wisteria and split oak baskets on their website. There are some Charlie Lucas pieces, too. There’s a ton that’s not on the website, and I’d really-really-really like to get back there -and- to the Rural Heritage Center in Thomaston (they have all kinds of items by Alabama artists there, too – like Jerry Brown pottery and pine needle baskets and quilts and music boxes) before the holidays!

(this is the Alabama Rural Heritage Center in Thomaston)

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