Clinton Home and Library

Once we left Shreveport, we went through Texas to Texarkana and up to Hope, where President Clinton’s birthplace is:

They have tours, but we just drove by instead since we were on our way to the Presidential Library in Little Rock.

This is the library in Little Rock:

The first part of the library goes over his election:

…and there’s a short movie, too. This is a model of the Cabinet Room:

This is the Oval Office (it’s on the second floor):

The first floor has lots of really-really great exhibits:

This is a copy of the State of the Union speech in 1997:

A letter from Willie Morris:

Mister Rogers:

Mother Teresa:

The upstairs exhibits many of the presents the Clintons received:

…and holiday celebrations:

…including this Dale Chihuly “Crystal Tree of Light” that he made for the White House Millennium Celebration held on New Year’s Eve, 1999:

It’s all put together *so* well, and the view of, and from, the building is gorgeous:

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