Updating an Armoire with…Chalkboard Paint

The February 2004 issue of Livingetc Magazine (published in England – I think it’s one of the *very best* home decorating magazines – it’s available at Barnes & Noble) featured a pic of an old armoire that they had completely changed around with chalkboard paint, chalk marks, and fixative. I think it’s sooooo great!

Av and I wound up with these two armoires – they’re from the sixties, I think, because they have this weird greenish stain with little black specs all over. We’ve been ‘hiding’ them in one of our guest bedrooms because they just aren’t terribly attractive; I mean, it’s nice furniture with interesting details, but it definitely needs updating. I decided to take the idea from the magazine and paint the armoires with chalkboard paint. I figured even if I decided not to write or decorate them with chalk, they would look nice as just black pieces of furniture. Here’s a before pic:

…and a during pic…

…and an after pic! The chalkboard paint (I got mine at Home Depot) was pretty inexpensive, went on really easily (although I found that I needed to touch up the paint three different occasions because I missed spots), and dried quickly. I decided to not make new little ‘curtains’ to go behind the doors, because I like looking through to the shelves:

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