This Weekend!

Black Belt Treasures in Camden is having a Folk Life Festival on Saturday in honor of the one-year anniversary of the gallery opening, and it’s from 9am – 3pm. It’s going to be soooo good, too – they’ve got some of the artists demonstrating their work, bands coming in to play music, and Kathryn Tucker Windham doing storytelling. The schedule of events is at their website here.

I really hope we can go – there’s no telling, though, because this is Av’s “surprise weekend” since it’s the weekend before my birthday (on the 30th). We always try to do something really fun, and I never know where we are going until we actually get there! I’ve mentioned us driving the Trace, staying somewhere in the Delta and going to all the places we love there, staying in New Orleans and going to the Saints game on Sunday, lazy-ing around at Orange Beach, and my big idea was going to Santa Fe or Phoenix for Dia De Los Muertos.

Yesterday, I went to a flooring company here in town to see about replacing the floor in our kitchen. The bamboo I want was quoted at a little over $5000 installed, and this crazy-beautiful floor from the Biltmore Estate, called “Conservatory Plank” was quoted at over $10000! That made me want to just stay at home and eat toast and water to save up! hahaha!! We’ll see…..!

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