Sleep Inn, Tupelo MS

Av and I went to the Ole Miss game yesterday (I’ll post about that Monday evening or Tuesday)! Hotty Toddy!

We needed a place to stay for after the game, and the closest place we could find within an hour of Oxford was Tupelo – so we went online, and the nicest hotel that still had rooms according to TripAdvisor was the Sleep Inn there. Neither of us had ever stayed at a Sleep Inn (although Av remembered that Consumer Reports (which he like…memorizes somehow every rating they’ve ever given for anything) ranked SI as best in its category – and he’s right – I just Googled it.) and we decided to give it a try. Since the game was starting at 8pm, there was no way we wanted to try to drive all the way back home starting at midnight or so and we figured that the hotel was pretty new, it was indoor corridor, and it was just one night after all…

When we booked, we must have gotten one of their very last rooms, because all that was left was a smoking-okay room with two double beds. When we got in, the smoke smell was soooo bad — we left immediately and went to the store for some extra-strength Febreeze! When we got back, we Febreezed every square inch of that room – and it was *so much* better afterwards! Other than that, it really wasn’t bad at all. haha! Here’s a pic of the room:

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