Kentuck 2006

We’re back from Kentuck – and it was OHmygoodness *so* wonderful this year!!!

This is Peter Loose‘s work – last year he had a bunny dulcimer, and this year he brought this crazy chicken – isn’t it great!?:

We spent a long time talking with sweet Myrtice West. We have some of her artwork, and I got to know her better last year when I had a book she was in, that she had lost in the fire she had. She wanted to pay me for it, and I wouldn’t let her, so instead, she sent me (without me knowing she was going to do this) two paintings! The super-nice thing about visiting with her this year is that her daughter and baby granddaughter were there and we chatted with her daughter for a little bit too. See the big Noah’s ark painting in the middle/back? I am still thinking about going back and buying that one!

Ab the Flagman‘s work:

Butch Anthony‘s display (that’s John Henry Toney and his art in the right of the pic):

Lorraine Gendron‘s art – she’s from Hahnville, Louisiana and she and Av got talking about the Saints:

Chris Hubbard’s Heaven and Hell art car:

The Bucket Man:

Charlie Lucas, the Tin Man’s space – I really like the dinosaurs he makes from wire:

George Jones, Jr.‘s brooms – we have one of them – he is wonderful…:

This is Chris Clark‘s space – we have one of his angels:

He does some really great quilts, too – this one has stuffed animals all over:

Yes!! Yvonne Wells‘ quilts – we bought one of the small ones!:

This is the Standard Deluxe space:
(Yee Haw from Knoxville was at Kentuck again this year, and just like last year, we got some things from them, including Chanukah cards!)

Here’s Lonnie Holley – we have one of his sandstone pieces – total genius:

Amos Paul Kennedy was there, too (Suzanne went and I saw her with some of his prints she bought!). Isn’t the print for Tee’s Lounge great!? We have some of his prints…what I think is really neat is his subscription offer – for $1000 you’re sent every poster he does for a year, and for $1500 it includes a copy of all ephemera he does, too!:

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