Indian Corn Swag

My super-sweet friend Darlene shared her “Martha Stewart Great American Wreaths” book with me and it has some really wonderful ideas (thanks Darlene!!). I saw this swag of Indian corn on page 74 and *had* to make it!

The book’s version was made with miniature Indian corn, but I have mostly the large ones, so I modified it a bit to use those:

I took a bundle of raffia, and from the raffia, took eight or ten strands to make a line, then made knots every inch or two:

Once I had enough on the end to use to hang that side of the swag, I knotted an ear of the Indian corn in the raffia:

When the end of the raffia is near, just take more strands and combine them in the middle of a knot to make a sturdy longer string, and keep knotting and adding more corn:

Leave enough raffia on the other end to use to hang the swag. Once it’s hung, it can be neatened up with a pair of scissors if it needs it.

I put this swag along the front of our mantel – it should last forever (I can’t say the same about the Indian corn I’ve hung outside…seems the squirrels like it too!):

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